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BBCRC library in our reefer car

Welcome to the BBCRC's comprehensive online bibliography of almost 500 listings on railroading, freighthopping, and nomadic rail culture. We will be trying to keep these listings updated on a regular basis. If you know of additional materials you think we should list, or if you have corrections, please let us know. Try to provide as much detail as possible and follow the same general format we have used for listings here. For some of the listings we have a few sentences of description attached. If you want to add descriptive comments to the many entries that we don't yet have, email them to us at "".

This bibliography is constantly being updated and improved and it represents a lot of original research. If you copy large sections of this bibliography and then re-print or re-post it on the internet please cite the BBCRC and provide a link to this page so that people can access the most recent version. Anyone using portions or all of this bibliography in for-profit publications should have advance permission from the BBCRC.

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2) Hobos, Tramps, Migratory Workers, Trainriding, Wobblies
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The books below can be read online:

An American Hobo in Europe by Windy Bill

IWW: A Study of American Syndicalism by Paul F. Brissenden

"Broke" the Man Without the Dime by Edwin A. Brown

Autobiography of a Super Tramp by W. H. Davies

Westward Hoboes by Winifred Hawkridge Dixon

My Monks of Vagabondia by Andress Floyd

Adventures of a Tropical Tramp by Harry L. Foster (read only)

A Son of the Middle Border by Hamlin Garland

The Cry of Youth by Harry Kemp

Tramping on Life by Harry Kemp

A Handy Guide for Beggars, Especially Those of The Poetic Fraternity by Nicholas Vachel Lindsay

Adventures of a Female Tramp by Leon Ray Livingston (A #1)

The Life and Adventures of A-no. 1 by Leon Ray Livingston (A #1)

From Coast to Coast with Jack London by Leon Ray Livingston (A #1)

The Curse of Tramp Life by Leon Ray Livingston (A #1)

Here and There with A-no.1 by Leon Ray Livingston (A #1)

War of the Classes by Jack London

The Road by Jack London

A Tramp Across the Continent by Charles Fletcher Lummis

The Adventures of a Woman Hobo by Ethel Lynn

The Tramp at Home by Lee Meriwether

Bohemian Life, or the Autobiography of a Tramp by Thomas Page

The Casual Laborer and Other Essays by Carlton H. Parker

The Hobo Philosopher or The Philosophy of the Natural Life by Robert Payne (read only)

From North Carolina to Southern California without a Ticket and How I DId It by John Peele

Strikers, Communists, Tramps, and Detectives by Allan Pinkerton

A Tight Squeeze, or the Adventures of a Gentleman by William Staats

The New Gentlemen of the Road by Herbert Welsh

Tramping with Tramps by Josiah Flynt Willard